Even if you are a new homeowner or you are just aware that it is about that time to have your septic system inspected, here’s an easy list of tips you should remember as you manage the maintenance of your septic pump:

Check your system and take note of the exact records

You should have your septic system inspected regularly to promote proper maintenance and to organize the records of your system, like system maintenance, diagram, and so on.

Monitor usage and conserve water

It would be chaotic and becomes undesirable instance if you discharge more water into the system more than its maximum capacity.

Regularly pump out your septic tank

The rule of thumb is to have your septic tank pumped for every 1 up to 3 years to make sure that the solids are already broken down properly and won’t clog the drain field. Pumping your septic tank routinely could aid in avoiding system failure to occur and prolong the life of your system.

Do not deposit non-decomposable materials

Such materials include cigarette butts, facial tissues, disposable diapers, wet-strength towels, and coffee grounds. These materials will not decompose, which can fill the septic tank and might result in system plugging and clogging.

Never utilize too much household chemicals

You could use sufficient amounts of household chemicals, such as drain cleaners, bleaches, and detergents, without halting your septic tank’s bacterial action. However, for instance, you should not dump cleaning water for cans and latex paintbrushes into the house sewer.

Use toilet tissues that are high-quality

This tissue easily breaks up especially once wet. You can determine whether your toilet paper is fitting with this description by placing a lot of toilet tissue in a jar or container with half water and then shake it. Once the tissue easily breaks up, you can use that since it is septic-tank friendly.

Refrain from dumping grease down the drain

If you usually dump grease down your drain, it might develop in the septic tank and clog the inlet or it could clog the sewer pipes. You should have another container for waste grease and dispose of it on the garbage.

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