The solution is to make engaging events in a bar to gather customers off their houses and away from their movies to be binge-watched. If you are planning to enjoy and plan your stay within a resto-bar, check out the following crazy and entertaining events you can do as you book a resto-bar. You can invite your friends, family, or even co-workers so that you’ll enjoy all of these together:

Trivia night

The classic pub games are still in and still prevalent today since it is very addictive. You only have to sign-up and you will get the kit for the pub game, which contains questions and answers depending on the duration of your game, marketing tools, and game materials. Or, you can make your personal trivia questions and answers according to a theme that your audience love—it could be about history, pop culture, or a mixture of both. Interested people need to sign up and form a team and compete to get the ultimate prize. The game can be paired with a drink special and menu in Fullerton restaurant to entice and encourage the participants.

Boardgame night

Boardgame bars are rampant in several countries now. It looks like people like an interesting and enjoyable round of their favorite board games and pairs it with a nice beer or two. You can offer games or host a night that allows them to bring their own board game. Guarantee that the participants are delighted in the offered menu in the bar with amazing meals, dishes, snacks, or drinks.

Viewing parties

To watch television at a bar does not necessarily need to be a major game. You can play all popular TV shows or series that are not so easy to view everybody’s home. You can consider series or season finales, pre-show Oscars, or throwback popular movies. You can have your drinks tailored and matched to the featured show or movie, and allow the visitors to dress up with a theme.

Speed dating

Give people an alternative to the new form of looking for a date, such as swiping right in Tinder. You can have a speed dating event in a nice bar that offers great food. Without a doubt, people will definitely go for it. Design your bar and make sure that the single participants are able to rotate from one seat to another as they talk with a new possible partner every after a couple of minutes. You can also offer starter questions for them or a nice glass of drink to make them at ease.

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