For those who do not know, gutters play an important part in your house since it protects your home from garden erosion, damaged foundations, and dampness that leads to expensive repairs.  

However, your gutters can suffer the effects of wear and tear after a couple of years. It will begin showing indications of leakage. However, this will vary on a couple of factors. This includes maintenance, installation, and material. 

You can look for a lot of various materials for gutter in the market. Not all materials are the same. A couple of them last longer compared to others.  

Today, we are going to talk about the common causes of gutter leaks: 

Wrong Slope 

To lead the rainwater towards the downspout, gutters require a bit of downward slope. This will help direct the rainwater to the ground’s outlet. But, if the gutter is sloped improperly, you will notice that the rainwater will start creating small pools without reaching the downspout. All the pooled water will add more weight to your gutter if this occurs. Over time, your gutters will sag. This will result in water dripping from the gutters. If you want to solve this, you have to call the gutter installer to make sure that your gutter is properly sloped. 

Loose Gutters 

It might be often a result of loose hangers if you notice that the gutters have a couple of leaks. For those who do not know, gutters are installed by the gutter hangers of the roof’s front board. When your gutters have to deal with the weight of wet debris and water, these accessories have a tendency to sag overtime. If this occurs, rainwater will begin leaking through the loose joints. Of course, this will obviously lead to leaks in the gutter network. If you want to get rid of this problem, you will have to hire an expert. They will first clean the gutter to get rid of the debris. After that, they will fasten every gutter hanger to the front board. They will also ensure that the gutters properly work. 

Gaps and Holes 

When metal rain gutters aren’t maintained regularly, gaps and holes are extremely common. Obviously, whenever you do not maintain your gutter, rainwater will pool in a couple of areas along the gutter. This will result in the buildup of rust. After that, holes will appear. This will cause serious dampness issues to your home. That’s why you have to get rid of the clogged debris in your gutter before it is too late. However, if there are already holes in the gutter, you should not worry since you can utilize sealant to seal holes and gaps.  


Cracks can often be found on steel gutters. This is particularly true at the joints. Gutters are more likely to crack at gutter nails, braces, or seams if they’re exposed to severe weather shifts. If you want to prevent this, it is crucial that you repaint your gutters a couple of times every year. This will help avoid rust from forming.